Association Management System- is a smart online system

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  • Landing Page with 9 dynamic section { Header, Slider, About, Latest Event & Notice, Our Committee, Our Testimonial, Blogs, Contact us, Footer }
  • Events List and Details Pages with event registration
  • MarketPlace / Product Catalog [new]
  • Blogs { Shared by registered user }
  • Videos { Shared by registered Admin related to Association }
  • Ask – Question {Any one can ask question to the admin}
  • FAQ { Approved Ask question by admin}
  • Contact Us
  • Signup
  • Login

Backend Panel

  • Blog Management
  • Payment Management{only User}
  • Videos Management {only Superadmin/admin}
  • Question Management {only Superadmin/admin}
  • Blood Management {only Superadmin/admin/ User}
  • Committee Management {only Superadmin/admin}
  • Notice Management {only Superadmin/admin}
  • Receipt Management {only Superadmin/admin}
  • User Management
  • Membership Management {only Superadmin/admin}
  • Business & Products Catalog Management [new]
  • Job Opportunities Management {only User {Employer and Job Seeker}}
  • Settings of home page {only Superadmin/admin}
  • Categories for Blog and videos {only Superadmin/admin}
  • Committee Election Management [new]

Event Management:

Upcoming event
Event Pricing {only Superadmin/admin}

Android Application

  • Site information { Home/ FAQ / videos}
  • Photo shares with user only for apps user
  • Notice / Upcoming Events
  • Offline User Database Management
  • Location share with user {only for apps user}
  • Filtering /Call/Message
  • Chatting { Individual Chatting / Group Chatting* }
  • Profile updating
  • Registration and Login

  • Demo:
  • SuperAdmin: / 123456
  • Normal user: / 123456




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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all answers here if you need them

Sir, I saw you are the admin of a group called Ahsanullah Family. Sir, if your group belongs to an association, then our association system is suitable for managing your group.

If your varsity has any alumni association then our system can recommend them. Our system is well suited to handle them. If you like our system then you can recommend our system.

Sir BDLumni is an association management system. The BDLumoney system is a smart online system for managing any type of association made with PHP Laravel. This system consists of all kinds of features of modern management system. In this system you get three panels, and more than thirty-five features. Each of our features is arranged in a specific pattern.

Not even for the next 5 years. But if you want to take the system to another server in your responsibility then we have another version that will be given. You will not receive any future upgrades for free in that field.

We will give you the server. Whenever you buy a domain from us or someone else and give it to us, we will integrate the system with that domain.

Suppose we have a branch in Dhaka, including departmental branches, branches, then how do we solve the software with a software can we get Branch YC members ready? Then they will work according to their district or division. But all the accounts will be controlled by the central admins.