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Course 1: Frontend, Angular & Node

Start Date: 5th July, 2019
Days: Friday & Saturday

Batch 1 (9:00AM – 12:00PM)
Batch 2 (3:00PM – 6:00PM)

Price: 25000/-
Seat is limited

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This course introduces students with most advanced programming languages and techniques of professional web development and web engineering techniques to build dynamic web Application with Angular, Node.js on LAMP Server. Angular is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks and Node.js is a Javascript Engine today’s. You will learn how to design web pages with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, how to build the structure in Angular & integrate it using Node.js, how to build rest API and query from databases using node.js, how to use rest API on angular, what is git and how to use it and how to configure Apache and MySQL Server.


(GIT, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript)




Environment & Git Setup
• New Introduction
• Installation Environment and Git setup

• HTML Basics, Tags, Features
• HTML5 vs HTML4

• CSS Basic Structures
• CSS3 All Properties

• Sass All Basics

• Introduction to Bootstrap
• What is Bootstrap and why use it?
• Bootstrap3 vs Bootstrap4
• Basic Typography
• CSS Components
• JavaScript widgets
• Boilerplate setup
• Style Website in Bootstrap

• CSS animation
• JavaScript animations
• JavaScript animation plugins

• The basic idea of Theme and Template development

Angular 7
• What is Angular
• Section Introduction
• Angular Architecture Preview
• From Scaffold to Application

Angular Components
• Section Introduction
• Create a Components Project
• Working with Components

Angular Routing
• Section Introduction
• Create a Routing Project
• Let’s Do Some Routing

Angular Services
• Section Introduction
• Create a Services Project
• Start Building Services
• Wiring Services Up
• Accessing Services
• Service-Enabled Components
• Finalizing our Services Implementation

Angular Modules
• Section Introduction
• Modules Defined
• Refactoring for Modules
• Finish our Modules Refactor

Styling Angular
• Section Introduction
• Integrate the Module
• Style our Components

Directives & Pipes
• Section Introduction
• Directives
• Pipes

Angular Forms
• Section Introduction
• Types of Forms
• The Angular Forms Module
• Implementing Reactive Forms
• Stying Reactive Forms

• Installing All The Tools
• Introduction
• First Things First: How To Get Support Fast!
• Install Node
• NPM Install MySQL

Basic of Node
• Creating Connections and Databases
• Create a Connection
• Create a Database
• Create a Table

Database SQL Command part 1
• Database SQL Commands
• Alter Table
• Insert Into Table
• Insert Many Into Table
• Result Messages
• Select All
• Loop Thru Selected
• Select Specific

Database SQL Command part 2
• Select Fields
• Where Clause
• And Or
• Where Variables
• Order By
• Delete Record
• Update Records
• Limit Records
• Drop Table

• Project part 1 (Angular)
• Project part 2 (Back-end with node and MySQL)
• Basic of outsourcing (Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork)
• Basic of Marketplace (Themeforest)
• Basic of SEO


Student attendance
All students are expected to attend all scheduled classes and to read all assigned chapters/materials before coming to class.

Class Participation & Peer Evaluation
Students are expected to participate actively in the class. Your contribution towards your team will be counted too.

The student is requested to come with the Laptop.

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