PIMS – Personal Information Management System For Government Agency
Welcome to the Personal Information Management System (PIMS). The PIMS is a secure system for only authorised users and is managed and maintained by the officer (super admin, admin & user) of the organization. PIMS is a vital automated tool to assist effective Human Resource Management.  It is specially designed for Government agencies.
There are 27 additional modules for officer & 7 additional modules for super admin to set up your organization Organogram.
The price of the software is BDT= 3,50,000 for basic functionality which will have 3 user modules, 7 additional modules for superadmin & 3 Frontview of current officer information, PRL officer & remembrance (Dead) Officer.
Basic Functionality of PIMS [ Superadmin/ Admin/ User]
1. Public registration for Officer with admin approval
2. Officers can register, change their information and admin will approve it. 
3. The setting of Batches, Department, Office, Designation, Division, District, Upazila on admin panel. 
4. Checking the summery of officer Entry and free search. 
5. Offer list deletes for duplicate, Turn off for PRL officer from the system.
6. Filter(search) Modification of officer, Posting, and promotion entry.
8. User registration with basic information, Post records, Promotion.
7. Frontend View of current officer information, PRL officer & remembrance (Dead) Officer
There are 24 additional modules. The additional modules will take BDT 40000 for each module.
Additional Modules Are: 
  1. Permanent Address Module
  2. Particular Service Module
  3. Service History Module
  4. Educational Qualification Module
  5. Spouse Information Module
  6. Language Module
  7. Children Information Module
  8. Foreign Training Module
  9. Foreign Travel Module
  10. Additional Qualification Module
  11. Publication Module
  12. Honour/ Award Module
  13. Other Service Module
  14. Foreign Service Module
  15. Deputation Module
  16. Unresolved Audit Module
  17. Departmental Proceeding Module
  18. Government Liability Module
  19. Local Training Module
  20. Membership Information Module
  21. Selection Grade Module
  22. Time Scale Module
  23. Leisure and Relaxation Module
  24. Emergency Contact Module

Project Development Stack: Laravel(PHP), Mysql