postally- Shop & Inventory Management System

postally- Shop & Inventory Management System- is a smart online system for shop management (with Shop, HR, Accounts Management) in PHP (Laravel 7). The solution is applicable for any kind of Shop offering modernized management on products, suppliers, purchases, sales, payments, receipts, employee accounts, and extensive reports management and also effective system profile with easy configuration.

Features :

Admin Panel:

  • Dashboard(With overall statistics of the shop)
  • Profile Management
  • My Profile
  • Change Password
  • Settings
  • File Management
  • Employee Management
  • Category Management
  • Product Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Company Management
  • Sale Management
  • Receipt Management
  • Payment Management
  • Bill Report Management
  • Employee Accounts Management
  • Daily Accounts Management
  • Easily customizable and secure.

Installation Guide:

  • Download .zip package
  • Upload it to your server
  • Extract the package
  • Browse the package URL via a browser you will find an interface to install.
  • Enter Application Name, Application Title
  • Enter Purchase Code, Company name, Email, Mobile, Address
  • Enter Hostname: database hostname eg: localhost
  • Enter Database Name: create a MySQL database and provide the name ot the same
  • Enter Database username: username of the created database
  • Enter Database password: password of the created database
  • Enter default Email
  • Enter default Name
  • Click Install Now button
  • You are almost done.
  • Now go to project folder and Create .env file.
  • Click Install button
  • You are done.
Demo URL:
Login Details (Admin)

Username: admin Password: 12345678

Login Details (User)

Username: user Password: 12345678


One Time Pricing:
  1. Web Application                                                                                       =   120000/-

Individual Packages For Server and Maintenance:

*Shared Server + Yearly Maintenance                                             =  25000/-


Subscription Pricing[1st time Price]
  1. OTC Web Application                                                                                =   19999/-
  2. Monthly Pricing                                                                                           =     2999/-

Individual Packages For Server and Maintenance:

*Shared Server + Yearly Maintenance                                                =  25000/-



1. 24/7 customer service

2. International standard complete software

3. High-speed server

4. Client satisfaction is guaranteed

5. Easy to use and affordable

6. 30-day money-back guarantee